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Our users love our site. Students like the easy to use lessons that they can access whenever they need it. Parents like the convenience of not having to drive their child to a tutor and the affordability of one low subscription fee for the whole year. Read what our users have to say!

My son Max used the Clickademics essay writing program to help construct an essay this summer. He had not been taught Five Paragraph Essay structure yet in school, so the overall structural instruction was very useful. I really felt that it helped him organize his thoughts and create a cohesive whole.

Amy, mom from Los Angeles

I used the Clickademics writing program to help me write an informative essay about the Romantic composer Mendelssohn. The editing process was particularly useful. It really helped me make my writing clearer. I'm glad I learned about this program.

Max, student from Silver Lake

My roommate recommend that I try out your site since I was having a hard time structuring my essay. I just have to say you are a genius for making this site, everybody should know about it. It honestly helps so much.

Ryan, college student from Azusa

Learning to write well is such a critical life skill. That is why we were so excited to learn about the Essay Engine. It provides our daughter with a meaningful opportunity to hone her writing skills at home and even when we’re out of town. The Essay Engine demystifies the art of writing and helps her appreciate that learning to write well can be fun and engaging.

Wansun, dad from Los Angeles

My son found Clickademics to be straightforward and easy to use. It gave him the tools he needed to easily organize his thoughts while writing his paper. As a parent, the easily accessible videos were convenient and allowed my son to have instant access to help at his convenience.

Sharon, mom from Studio City

I loved it! It brought me back to essay writing in high school and college. I wish your program had been around then! I loved the logic in putting the second strongest argument first, followed by the weakest, only to finish with the strongest one. Congratulations!

Nestor, dad from L A

Your teaching method has completely changed my son's life and my life as well. I can never thank you enough Clickademics. Congratulations on your novel and fantastically helpful website and godspeed in building it into something that I know will be a commonplace tool in the education of our children in the near future.

Windor, father from Burbank

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