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Clickademics in the Classroom

Essay Engine™

Our goal is to take what makes teachers effective and multiply it. Students are often ready to learn at odd hours and in a variety of places. Clickademics lets students learn from classroom teachers when and where they need help.

Essay Engine™ provides the benefits of one-to-one instruction when the student is away from class. It breaks down the writing process into manageable steps, each with video instruction and examples, all based on years of classroom teaching. After Essay Engine™ walks the student through writing the essay and editing, it exports the student's work as a word document, ready to bring to class.

Teachers and administrators can see Essay Engine™at work with a free trial or contact us about special education pricing.

Target Topics™

Our Target Topics™ program makes teachers more effective. When students can fill in their academic gaps outside of the classroom, they are more prepared to learn new lessons inside the classroom.

Other benefits include:

  • Offer increased access to personalized instruction
  • Program focuses on middle school topics because they are the gateway for higher level learning and success on standardized tests,
  • Students receive spaced repetition of topics they they will be tested on later.

Target Topics™ is still under development. If you are interested in more information, contact us at support@clickademics.com.

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